Monday, April 27, 2009

FREE ART: Win this "Hot Rod Devil"

To celebrate my first 500 visitors to the Open Mind Sketchbook blog, I am giving away "Hot Rod Devil," an original, 8.5" by 11.5", watercolor and ink work.

Here's how to get it:
  1. Between now and Monday, May 11, post a new comment underneath your favorite piece here at "Open Mind".
  2. If you have commented here, but it was before April 20, comment again and you will also be eligible to win.
  3. Sorry, but posts on Facebook don't count.
  4. On Monday, May 11, I will randomly select a winner from all the people who have commented since April 20.
If this isn't clear, just comment and ask me a question.

Good luck - and thank you.


  1. That is a dude I would totally go out with, just cause he has a coooool flying car:)
    I am ate up with it so I am unable to enter a ulr.
    It's me Megan in AZ

  2. hey I'm local - you wouldn't have to ship it to me! Are you going to throw a dart at the monitor May 12th to pick the winner?

  3. There really should be a colorful way to choose the winner. Lottery balls, drawing straws, something involving clowns...

  4. A blindfolded Brian will be throwing a sharpened Gilliott 170 at a pretty boy life drawing model. The model will have each entrant's name magic markered on his body and sectioned off with dotted lines (like how they label beef parts on a steer).

    Where the pen sticks decides the winner!

  5. And who's volunteering to retrieve the pen?

  6. LOL!

    After I win this excellent piece, I want to bait Daryll over to my blog, to make the comments more interesting!

  7. Chuck, there's no Post Comment prompt on your site.

    Enable the comment function and I'll be glad to chime in.

    By the way, outstanding life drawings!