Friday, May 8, 2009

Contest Ends Sunday

Contest Reminder: Sunday is the last day for "Open Mind Sketchbook" visitors to post their comments to this blog, thereby making themselves eligible to win the original art "Hot Rod Devil."

The winner's name will appear Monday. Who will win?

In other news, absolutely nobody liked the prison comic posted Wednesday. Too dark, I suppose. So in an effort to once again win everyone's love, here is a picture of a cute kitty-cat.

However, as you may have suspected, the original kitty-cat picture from which this image was taken is much darker than the above "detail." It can be found at "Twistmind," the red-headed stepchild of this blog. (Link below.)

WARNING: Twistmind is NOT for everyone - it's a place for mature adults. A place where darkness, bad language, political incorrectness, and nudity can appear. It may depict challenging ideas - or brainless vulgar FUN.

For those who like that sort of trash, go see Twistmind.

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