Monday, April 12, 2010

Toby and the Ducks

I'm reminded of one of my favorite "Peanuts" comic strip, in which Lucy is dispensing psychiatric advice to poor old Charlie Brown:

Physicians can learn a lot about a patient by asking what may even sound like a very simple question... which do you prefer, a sunrise or a sunset?
Charlie Brown: 
Well, a sunset, I guess...
I thought so! You're just the type ! I might have have known that! What a disappointment! 
People who prefer sunsets are dreamers! They always give up! They always look back instead of forward! I just might have known you weren't a sunrise person! 
Sunrisers are go-getters! They have ambition and drive! Give me a person who likes a sunrise every time! Yes, sir! 
I'm sorry Charlie Brown. If you prefer sunsets to sunrises, I can't take your case. You're hopeless! 
(She leaves and there is a pause.)
Charlie Brown: Actually, I've always sort of preferred noon!

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